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Alana is a Sexologist, Psychotherapist and Counsellor, Gestalt Therapist, Eco Therapist, Somatic Practitioner, Gottman level 2 Therapist, Yoga Instructor and Ayurveda Practitioner. She also enjoys utilising her knowledge from their previous work as a Thai Massage and Marma point therapist when suitable.


Alana works as a person centred, trauma informed psychotherapist and sexologist to support her clients through life's twists and turns. She focuses on a here and now, embodied approach that cultivates the connection between the mind-body. By reconnecting with the body's responses to certain behavioural or environmental factors, Alana helps her clients make sense of their experiences on a deeper level. She supports her clients to bring about meaningful, positive change in their lives by helping them understand how their past is impacting their present.

Understanding the sensitive nature surrounding topics of gender, sex and sexuality, Alana holds a safe space to work through difficult issues. She is easy to talk to, approaching her clients with warmth and a judgement free disposition. Her humanistic approach to therapy helps break down barriers, provide clients with the tools to communicate their needs and can reinforce key relationships in client's lives.

Alana practices with the understanding that life changing therapy is a journey, not a cure-all or quick fix. All gendered, sexual, racial and cultural identities are welcome and will be respected here.


"I was working with Alana for 6 months during an incredibly difficult period in my life. Alana has a very compassionate way of creating a safe environment even through the laptop screen. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who has had difficult experiences in the past with other mental health professionals, I never felt judged and it was a slow paced process where I felt comfortable to be open. She is both sincere and informative."

client testimonial - late 20's (she/her)

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